Our Warranty Explained

Each film comes with varied warranty lifespans. Please consult us regarding any queries you have before installation. If the film application experiences any adhesive failure such as cracking, glazing, peeling or colour fading, we’ll replace it.

We are not liable for any damages caused by improper care of the film. Scratches and marks to the film caused by poor cleaning habits or direct impact damage with the film will not be covered by our warranty.

The Drying Process

After installation, there’s a drying period of 5 days up to 4 weeks. Multiple factors like what time of year it is, what film is used and and how much direct sunlight the window receives will affect this. In general the drying out period is quicker in summer and slower in winter.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Ensure you wait 7 days before using any cleaning products on the film.
Avoid using any harsh chemicals or ammonia-based cleaning products on the film, as this can ruin a installation and will void the warranty.
We recommend using a clean lint free micro-fibre cloth along with a tint-safe glass cleaner to wipe down the windows. This is the most effective way to clean and protect the film.