Commercial Film

Heat & Glare reduction

Enhance productivity and energy efficiency in your commercial building with our solar film options. Not only do they reduce glare on work monitors, but they also effectively minimize heat build-up, reducing glare by up to 83% and total solar energy rejection up to 79%.

Our energy-saving commercial film is ideal for offices or commercial spaces seeking to improve energy efficiency and cultivate a sustainable working environment, thus reducing dependence on air conditioning


Reflective privacy film offers both style and functionality, providing an effective solution for creating private environments within workspaces and customer areas.

By tailoring the level of privacy to specific business needs, this film maintains a professional appearance while safeguarding sensitive information and assets, ensuring work safety and making people more comfortable in their surroundings.

Safety & Security

Commercial buildings are required to comply with British and EU safety regulations, with the absence of a British standard kite mark on glass potentially leading to infringement. Installing safety window film ensures regulatory compliance at a fraction of the cost of glass replacement.

Security window film significantly deters intruders from gaining entry through broken windows. With security film available in thicknesses up to 450 microns which possesses the strength to hold glass in place even under the impact of a distant explosion.


Decorative film offers a versatile solution to enhance the aesthetics of a commercial office. Applied to windows, partitions, or glass doors, it instantly transforms the environment with stylish pattern.

This adds visual interest and creates an inviting atmosphere for employees and clients while providing privacy and maintaining natural light.

UV Protection

Our specialised solar films are designed to block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, Blocking these rays not only helps preserve furnishings and merchandise but also contributes to the well-being of occupants by reducing their exposure to potentially harmful rays.

This level of protection can be particularly beneficial in commercial settings where maintaining the integrity of interior spaces and ensuring the comfort of customers and employees are priorities.


Anti-graffiti film offers essential protection for businesses by establishing a durable barrier that prevents graffiti from adhering directly to glass surfaces, preserving their appearance and integrity.

With anti-graffiti film in place, businesses can maintain a professional image while minimizing the costs associated with graffiti removal.